Low-rank exploitation in semidefinite programming for control. Many control-related problems can be cast as semidefinite programs. Even though there exist polynomial time algorithms and excellent publicly available solvers, the time it takes to solve these problems can be excessive. What many of these problems have in common, in particular in control, is that some of the variables enter as matrix-valued variables. This leads to a low-rank structure in the basis matrices which can be exploited when forming the Newton equations. In this article, we describe how this can be done, and show how our code, called STRUL, can be used in conjunction with the semidefinite programming solver SDPT3. The idea behind the structure exploitation is classical and is implemented in LMI Lab, but we show that when using a modern semidefinite programming framework such as SDPT3, the computational time can be significantly reduced. Finally, we describe how the modelling language YALMIP has been changed in such a way that our code, which can be freely downloaded, can be interfaced using standard YALMIP commands. This greatly simplifies modelling and usage.

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